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September 7, 2018 | admin

No matter how many times we clean them, mirrors always seem to collect dust like magnets. There are always streaks left in the most random spots, even though you swore you got it when you last cleaned it. It can be a hassle to clean mirrors sometimes, and sometimes you may not even know if you’re using a mirror cleaning product correctly, or even if there’s a correct way to use it. It can seem like such an easy task, and yet somehow something always goes wrong. We want to share a few tips and tricks that can help you clean your mirrors, and make sure they’re streak free every time.

The first step in any cleaning project is to find the right cleaning product or DIY solution. There are many products available in stores that are considered tried and true, but if you don’t have any products on hand, don’t worry. We have a few suggestions for cleaning solutions you can make yourself that will work just as well as a store-bought product.

Prep the Mirror and Space for Cleaning

When you’re about to clean a mirror, don’t forget to move everything out of the way, both so you can reach the mirror properly and so that nothing around it gets cleaner on it or gets damaged. You should have a clear area to work in order to get the most out of the time spent cleaning. Once the area around the mirror is clean, we suggest lightly wiping the mirror with rubbing alcohol, focusing on those spots that always seem to have streaks left over. When you wipe the mirror with alcohol, this helps any stains or stubborn streaks to come off easier with the cleaner later on.

Don’t Spray and Wipe Away

People often spray their cleaner on a surface and wipe it away immediately after, thinking that was good enough to clean. Surprise, there’s a streak left over and they will get frustrated and do it all again. If you want to clean your mirror like a professional, spray or wipe your cleaner onto the mirror and wipe it in small circular motions all over the surface. However, don’t wipe the cleaner away in the process. The goal is to make sure every inch of your mirror gets cleaned and cleaned well so that you won’t have to come back the next day to find dust particles and streaks from a spot you may have missed. Always use a microfiber cloth to wipe down your mirrors with cleaner, they are less likely to leave streaks and they spread the cleaner heavenly when you wipe it.

Squeegee the Grime Away

After you’ve thoroughly wiped the cleaner onto your mirror, don’t use the cloth to wipe it off. Instead, use a squeegee. You’ve probably seen people use squeegees to wipe the water from their showers or to defog the bathroom mirror. What you may not have noticed is how clean and clear the glass is after they use it to wipe away the water. We suggest using a squeegee to wipe away the cleaner from your mirrors because it is less likely to leave any residue behind. When you use the squeegee, do so from top to bottom and wipe away the excess on the squeegee with your microfiber cloth between passes. This should ensure a streak-free surface. If there are any leftover lines of product or streaks, use a dry microfiber cloth to buff these away.